Gutfeld: Hillary Roll Out ‘As Spontaneous as Open Heart Surgery’

Fox New Channel host Greg Gutfeld declared Hillary Clinton’s campaign roll out “as spontaneous as open heart surgery” on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld stated, “Hillary’s roll out was about as spontaneous as open heart surgery, with all the looseness of your bank’s pre-recorded menu.”

Gutfeld continued saying that during her appearances Hillary, “nodded and smiled like an animatronic in a country bear jamboree. The guests were vetted and driven by the staff, which is why they appeared to be serving detention, it was more staged than ‘My Fair Lady.’ All this to portray her as soft, authentic, but her actions are as real as Travolta’s hair. Her family story doesn’t match public records. She won’t take reporter questions, because she knows what they’ll be…so the media has no choice but to chase after her like fat kids swarming the free samples at Costco.”

Gutfeld concluded that Hillary should stop trying to portray a soft image because “after years of desperately seeking world approval from idiots, I wouldn’t mind a jerk. Better to be a grizzly than Winnie the Pooh.”

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