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Gutfeld: Even When Trump Loses, He Ends Up Winning

During his monologue on Saturday’s “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” host Greg Gutfeld reacted to President Donald Trump’s accusation that former President Barack Obama wiretapped him and the fallout following the claim. “Maybe Trump wasn’t totally wrong after all. Maybe he


Gutfeld: ‘We Would Be Frothing’ If Obama ‘Had Done a Victory Lap’

During a discussion of President-Elect Donald Trump’s Thank You Tour on Thursday’s broadcast of “The Five,” Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that if President Obama had taken a victory lap, “We’d have pitchforks running down Pennsylvania Avenue.” Gutfeld


Gutfeld: Melania’s Defense of Donald Is ‘Exactly What Hillary Did’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” FNC host Greg Gutfeld stated that Melania’s defense of her husband over the allegations of sexually inappropriate conduct are “exactly what Hillary did and it’s exactly what we were making

Thursday on Fox News Channel's "The Five," co-host Greg Gutfeld …

Gutfeld: Hillary Beat Trump ‘Like a Rug — an Orange One’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld said Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy speech today in San Diego outlined the “horror” of a Donald Trump presidency. Gutfeld said, “In Hillary’s speech, she imagined the


Gutfeld: Trump Is ‘One Big Flip-Flop’

On Friday’s broadcast of “The Five,” Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld criticized presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump as “one big flip-flop” in reaction to Trump going back on his proposal to debate Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).