Cruz: Dem Campaign Events Are Hillary Talking to A Chipotle Clerk

Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) remarked that the Democratic version of New Hampshire’s GOP cattle call is “Hillary Clinton having a conversation with a Chipotle clerk” during a speech in New Hampshire on Saturday.

Cruz remarked, “I have to say, as I was coming up, I was a little bit startled, because I could have sworn I saw Hillary’s Scooby Doo van outside. Well, then I realized it couldn’t possibly be that, because I’m pretty sure you all don’t have any foreign nations paying speakers, right?”

He continued, “what an incredible gathering this is. What a testament. Has this not been an incredible array of strong conservative leaders for two solid days? What a testament to the desire for Americans. we want something new, we want new leadership to change the page and to turn around. The Democratic version of this, I’m pretty sure is Hillary Clinton having a conversation with a Chipotle clerk.”

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