Krauthammer: Clinton Foundation ‘Gigantic Access Influence Machine’

Columnist Charles Krauthammer dubbed the Clinton Foundation “a gigantic access influence machine” on Wednesday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

“It’s big and it’s bad, but there’s one problem for those of us who are concerned about it, she burned the tapes. She eliminated the emails” he said.

Krauthammer added, “the problem is the Clintons. The problem is a whole array, of where they walk the line, they collect huge amounts. Look, you know, the first story that we heard about, was that Algeria gave a lot of money for the Haitian rescue after the earthquake. Well, tell me why the Algerian Ambassador cannot pick up the phone and call the Haitian Embassy for a direct sending of the check. Why does it have to go through the Clinton Foundation? We all know why it does. It goes through the Clinton Foundation to buy access and influence. This is a gigantic access influence machine. Again, there may not be enough evidence or explicit evidence of a criminal quid pro quo, but this is simply shady.”

Krauthammer concluded, “you have to have a little bit more than that to go to a criminal case. And itt’s in the criminal case where you’d be able to issue subpoenas. In the absence of that, the Clintons are clever, they cover their tracks.”

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