Businesses In Baltimore ‘Targeted,’ ‘Looted’ During Unrest

Baltimore CBS affiliate WJZ reported that some businesses in the city were “targeted” as violence broke out during protests over the death of Freddie Gray.

Christie Ileto reported from the intersection of Howard and Baltimore streets, where “about an hour ago, some of the employees [of a 7-11] told me that their store was looted.” Ileto said that while police were currently guarding the store, “they can’t stay out here for the entire night because they have to go and patrol the other areas, go to those other stores that Captain Jeff Long was talking about [that] have been targeted. So, again these were protesters, some of the employees that I spoke to said that, at one point, it just kind of was like a rush of people came through, and they were so scared that they ran.” She later added that she could not confirm whether those that damaged the 7-11 were protesters, but “the employees said that they were protesters because some of them had signs, but we weren’t here. We don’t know. I’m only saying what those employees said to me.”

Later, she reported a wireless store, and one other store near the 7-11 had been looted as well.

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