NBC’s Jansing: Dems Trade Block ‘Clearly Stinging Defeat’ for Obama

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “NewsNation,” NBC senior White House correspondent Chris Jansing discussed Senate Democrats on Tuesday  filibustering a President Barack Obama-supported fast-track trade legislation and said it was “clearly a stinging defeat”

“Obviously this was a test of his clout within his own party, one that didn’t work,” Jansing said. “It really started last night, right after the vote, which was clearly a stinging defeat for this president. He called senate democrats whop support generally the trade bill in. He talked to them about how do we move forward? He sent out a letters to supporters from back in the campaign saying that this was very personal to him, that he’s going to keep at it.”

She added, “This is something the White House fought very hard for. You saw not just the president and vice president making calls and holding meetings but every member of his cabinet pitching in as well. Obviously this was a test of his clout within his own party, one that didn’t work. But this morning we’re already getting some signals from Harry Reid who kind of led his caucus in the other direction. Floating some ideas about ways to change this bill so that it could move forward. So I think you’re going to see some continuing of the intense efforts that we’ve seen over the last month or so because the White House believes that this could still happen. ”

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