Schweizer on Stephanopoulos: ‘Did ABC News Know About Any of This? Did They Not Care?’

On Saturday’s “Fox & Friends Weekend,” co-host Tucker Carlson interviewed Peter Schweizer, author of the book “Clinton Cash,” about the revelations that ABC’s “This Week” moderator George Stephanopoulos gave multiple donations to Clinton Foundation, but failed to disclose them upon interviewing Schweizer, whose book is very critical of the Clinton Foundation.

Schweizer said a key question was whether or not Stephanopoulos’ employer, ABC News, knew about his donations to the Clinton Foundation.

“[I] talk about in the book the Clinton blur, where they blur governments and private interest,” he explained. “Here you have in a sense the Stephanopoulos blur, which is he is a journalist who had a past as an operative for Bill Clinton. And I was willing to say, look that’s a previous chapter in his life — he has gone into journalism. But now you have all these entangling relationships occurring right now as he was covering the Clinton campaign in 2008, as he has continued to cover the Clintons up until now and none of it ever disclosed. It goes beyond this donation. And it leads me to wonder, did ABC News know about any of this? Did they not care?”

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