Schweizer: ABC in ‘Cover-Up Mode’ for ‘Superstar’ Stephanopoulos

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer discussed the controversy surrounding ABC News “This Week” moderator and “Good Morning America” co-host George Stephanopoulos not disclosing donations to the Clinton Foundations while reporting on it and said ABC is in “cover-up mode,” for their “superstar.”

In discussing the initial interview he had with Stephanopoulos having been tainted by the lack of disclosure from Stephanopoulos, Schweizer said, “I never really got a chance to explain or describe what is in the book. So it was a very stuttered conversation. That’s what was very frustrating to me about it. And now I think it’s incumbent upon them to allow their audience to hear the evidence that’s in the book.”

“I think, you know, a follow-up interview in a sense would be an admission on the part of managers there that they’ve made a mistake,” Schweizer continued. “So I think it’s probably unlikely. I think it’s the fair thing to do. But I think there right now seem to be in cover-up mode.”

He added, “I think it is because there’s no discussion about the larger extensive relationships that he has. I mean, he’s been on panels with Chelsea Clinton at Clinton Foundation events. He’s moderated debates and discussions at Clinton Foundation events. How can you do that and cover that same political family in the political season? To me it’s mind boggling. I can’t imagine that CNN or other news organizations would tolerate that. And I think there’s embarrassment and a desire to just hope that this is going to go away, But I don’t think it is.”

“The question is are journalist in general going to be held to the same standards at networks, or are you going to have superstars that are allowed to do things that regular reporters are not allowed to do. And if that’s the case it’s very troublesome.”

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