Gutiérrez Predicts Election Night 2016 to Be ‘a Really Short Night’: ‘Republicans Will Lose’

On Fox Business Network’s Wednesday broadcast of “Cavuto Coast to Coast,” Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) disputed the possibility that the courts may strike down President Barack Obama’s so-called executive amnesty.

Gutiérrez argued to host Neil Cavuto that despite the U.S. Fifth Circuit of Appeals injunction preventing the Obama administration from implementing the action as the courts determine whether or not the executive action is constitutional.

However, in the midst of that argument, Gutiérrez also predicted that next year’s election night will be short because in the end Republicans will lose.

“OK, I won’t try to out-yell you, Neil,” Gutiérrez said. “Let me put it to you this way — next November, 2016, short night. Republicans will lose the presidency once again. Democrats will maintain the presidency. It’s going to be a really short night. So here’s what I can tell you because I don’t to dispute because we have a disagreement. You can call your girl Maria and you can call — Carmen whoever is taking care of your kids that night because Neil, you’re going to be home early. So am I. The election is going to be over really, really over. Republican Party has been so bad.”

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