Dobbs: Is GOP Hurting Its Chances to Win the White House?

During one of his commentary segments on his Thursday night broadcast on the Fox Business Network, host Lou Dobbs lambasted the Republican leadership in Congress for being steadfastly committed to supporting fast-track authority for the President Barack Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership effort.

According to Dobbs, the effort by congressional Republicans puts the party’s chances of winning the White House in 2016 in jeopardy.

“A few thoughts tonight on a Republican Party that seems to me, at least, to be about to do what it’s done for the past two presidential elections. And that is to offend working men and women, our small business owners and all who make out this country’s dwindling middle class. The very people the Republican Party should be championing, whose families they should be supporting and whose businesses and jobs they should be defending, instead of blindly aligning the Republican Party with billionaire corporatists and big business interests that are partly responsible for the economic and social challenges we face as a country.

It gives me no pleasure to say to you i believe the Republican Party is preparing to destroy what could be a historically important opportunity to win back the White House by take their talking points from the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, instead of pursuing and assuring a free enterprise economy that creates jobs and small business opportunity that restores initiative and energy to this great capitalist economy of ours. Instead, some of the establishment party leaders seem to be pushing harder than even President Obama for his secret trade agreement agenda. Speaker John Boehner holding pep rallies with lobbyists, almost 200 of them, in the basement of the Capitol trying to push through the expansion of the president’s power over trade, the so-called trade promotion authority that Mr. Obama says he desperately needs. Boehner is more than on board. He is actually pushing the president.”

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