McCain: US Wants Deal More Than Iran Because of Obama ‘Delusion’

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) stated the US wants to reach a deal with Iran more than Iran does because of the president’s “delusion that an agreement will then cause a new partnership between the United States and Iran” on Thursday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC.

McCain said, “it’s obvious that the latest Russian — excuse me, the latest Iranian demands concerning lifting of sanctions by the UN is a new area that they think they can explore and get concessions after all. I agree with Bibi Netanyahu. We started here and here and we moved, and keep on moving in their direction…we’ve gone from elimination of Iran’s nuclear capability, to the delaying of it, and many concessions have been made. And I guess they’re trying to force some more, because it’s clear who wants the deal more, and that’s the United States.”

He added, “Well, I think the fact is, it’s been made very clear, because of the enormous concessions that have already been made, as I mentioned, from the position of eliminating that to delaying it, and other concessions that have been made, that, yes, Iran wants it, but not as badly as the United States does. Because the president bases all of this on the delusion that an agreement will then cause a new partnership between the United States and Iran in the region. Meanwhile, the Iranians continue their aggression in at least four countries, and will continue that. For example, media reports Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, is back in Iraq directing the Shiite militias without our involvement whatsoever. That’s a long way from where we were in 2011, Andrea.”

In response to the suggestion that it might be better to get a deal with Iran to have them “stand down” on their program for ten years, McCain argued, “I think you could make that argument if you are sure, one, that we’re allowed any inspections anywhere, any time, which is not the case, as I understand the negotiations. If they would also show restraint on their ballistic missile and delivery capabilities, and, of course, cease their, or curtail their acts of terrorism that they continue to commit throughout the Middle East, and indeed, in some cases, in the world. So, a bad deal, in my view, is worse than no deal at all, because then with the sanctions lifted, and they continue their acts of terrorism, they just arranged for a billion dollar loan to Bashar Assad, to prop up Bashar Assad. That would give them more, billions more to do the same thing, the guy that’s killed 300 — 230,000 of his own citizens.”

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