Trump: Jeb ‘Talks About Civil Liberties,’ ‘People Came In Illegally’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responded to fellow candidate former Florida Governor Jeb Bush arguing Trump’s plan would violate “civil liberties” with “We have illegal people, people that came in illegally” on Monday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

After hearing a clip of Jeb saying that [relevant remarks begin around 4:00] Trump’s immigration plan “will violate people’s civil liberties.” Trump responded, “Well, he talks about civil liberties. We have illegal people, people that came in illegally. You tell me about civil liberties. We have to get them out. And some of these people are causing tremendous problems. All you have to do is look at the crime wave, number one. As far as Mexico being our third largest, they are making a fortune. We’re not making anything. Mexico’s making a fortune because their leaders are smarter. They know what they’re doing. Our people are grossly incompetent. Nabisco is now moving to Mexico. Ford is building a massive automobile plant in Mexico. They took a plant from Tennessee. It’s going into Mexico. We’re getting killed. So he can talk about — look, Jeb Bush is a nice person. He doesn’t have the energy or the capacity to make our country great again. That I can tell you 100%. And you do need the wall. The wall is very important.”

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