Begala: Dick Cheney a ‘Manipulative, Dishonest, Political Sociopath’

Tuesday night on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,”  long-time adviser to President Bill Clinton and CNN political commentator Paul Begala called former Vice President Dick Cheney a “political sociopath” for saying President Barack Obama is responsible for the rise of ISIS because of the effects of the complete pull out of U.S. troops from Iraq.

After a clip of Cheney, Begala replied, “Amazing. what a valuable piece of videotape. That is a portrait of a political sociopath… I went and looked up on the Mayo Clinic website the description of that disorder and it fits Mr. Cheney to a T—inability to ever express remorse, error—manipulative, dishonest. This point about ISIS, for example—ISIS exists because of the invasion of Iraq. Iran is stronger because of the invasion of Iraq. We invaded Iraq because Mr. Cheney twisted intelligence to try to persuade the country to invade a country that was no threat to America. Now he hits there and actually has the gall to try to blame President Obama for trying to manage the damage.”

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