Paul Begala


Paul Begala: Democrats Need to Learn From Trump Carrier Deal

Thursday after President-elect Donald Trump wrapped up his appearance in Cincinnati that was part of his “Thank You” tour, Democratic strategist and long-time Clinton ally Paul Begala acknowledge Trump deserved some credit for the announcement earlier in the day that

Paul Begala

Paul Begala: Democrats Failed To Inspire Young Voters

Wednesday on CNN, Democratic strategist Paul Begala said Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves for failing to inspire young people to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Begala said, “I have a different take as a political professional.

Paul Begala

Begala: We Are Building a Trump ‘Ceiling’ With Battleground Advertising

Monday on  CNN’s “The Axe Files” podcast, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton super PAC strategist Paul Begala said they are running television advertising unopposed in battleground states with the purpose of building a “ceiling” that the support for presumptive

Tuesday night on CNN’s "Anderson Cooper 360,"  long-time adviser to …

Begala: Dick Cheney a ‘Manipulative, Dishonest, Political Sociopath’

Tuesday night on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,”  long-time adviser to President Bill Clinton and CNN political commentator Paul Begala called former Vice President Dick Cheney a “political sociopath” for saying President Barack Obama is responsible for the rise of ISIS

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Left Mourns as Top Weapon Jon Stewart Leaves ‘The Daily Show’

On Thursday night, Comedy Central mainstay Jon Stewart will sign off of his program, The Daily Show, for the last time. Stewart, 52, has been the key face for the entire network for 16 years; his replacement, Trevor Noah, will not come close to replacing his idolized status.


Begala: Clinton Roping Off Press ‘Horrible’

CNN Commentator and pro-Hillary super PAC advisor Paul Begala said that Hillary Clinton roping off the press was “horrible” on Tuesday’s “New Day.” Begala was asked about Clinton, “shutting out the media,” he stated, “This is what’s difficult though, she


Begala: Biden Would Be ‘Enormously Formidable’

CNN Commentator and pro-Hillary Super PAC Senior Adviser Paul Begala said that Joe Biden would be “enormously formidable” if he got into the race for president on Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day.” Begala said of Clinton, “she’s way ahead


Begala: Clinton ‘Absolutely’ Has To Answer For Her Confederate Flag History

CNN Commentator and pro-Hillary Super PAC Co-Chair Paul Begala said that Hillary Clinton “absolutely” has to answer for her association with Arkansas’ Confederate-inspired flag on Tuesday’s “New Day.” Begala was asked, “the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign comes out says, as she


Begala: Americans Should See Hillary Like Meryl Streep Acting in New Role

Monday on CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper,” Democratic strategist and now-adviser to the pro-Hillary super PAC, Paul Begala, said Americans should accept the reintroduction of candidate Clinton just like they accept actors like Meryl Streep portraying different fictional roles. When

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Would You Trust Your Presidential Campaign to EMILY’s List?

As Hillary Clinton’s presumptive presidential campaign is imploding over her email practices, longstanding Clinton supporter and Democrat strategist Paul Begala is coming to her defense: “Voters do not give a sh-t about what email Hillary used. They don’t even give a fart.”