Paul Begala

Begala: Dem Candidates ‘Setting Themselves Up to Lose’ in 2020

Thursday on CNN’s “The Lead,” former Clinton adviser and CNN political commentator Paul Begala said he is concerned the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are going to far left during the primary which will cause them to lose in the general election against President Donald


Paul Begala: Democrats Need to Learn From Trump Carrier Deal

Thursday after President-elect Donald Trump wrapped up his appearance in Cincinnati that was part of his “Thank You” tour, Democratic strategist and long-time Clinton ally Paul Begala acknowledge Trump deserved some credit for the announcement earlier in the day that


Paul Begala: Democrats Failed To Inspire Young Voters

Wednesday on CNN, Democratic strategist Paul Begala said Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves for failing to inspire young people to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Begala said, “I have a different take as a political professional.

Paul Begala