Fiorina: The Media Keeps Asking Me If I’m Running To Be VP ‘Because I’m a Woman’

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said that she is repeatedly asked whether she’s really running for the vice presidency by the media because she’s a woman on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Fiorina began by discussing CNN adjusting its criteria for its main debate, stating, “I’m grateful for all of that support, yours, Donald Trump’s, Ben Carson’s, and most especially, the thousands and thousands of grassroots activists across the country. I’m the only candidate that in that time has clearly moved up to the top 10 from the lower tier. I’m now in the top five from every single statewide poll, number four in the latest national poll. There’s no question that I’m among frontrunners. And so I think CNN did the right thing here, and I’m obviously enormously gratified by that.”

Fiorina also commented on questions that she is only in the race to be vice president. She said, “it would be different, Sean, if all of the other candidates were asked that same question with the same regularity, but they’re not. I’m the person who’s asked that question, over and over again. And so one can only conclude that I’m getting asked that question because I’m a woman, which is disappointing because I don’t sense that with voters at all. What I sense is voters looking for the most qualified candidate, man or woman, to become the next president of the United States and I think I am that candidate.” She added, “I said it was the media who was asking those questions all the time. It’s not the voters. It’s not the grassroots activists. It’s not the real conservatives. They don’t ever ask me if I’m running to be vice president. What they ask me is, what are you going to do as president? What are you going to do about the Iran deal? What are you going to do about Obamacare? What are you going to do about an economy that’s stuck in neutral? What are you going to about crony capitalism? What are you going to do about an out of control government? Those are the questions they should be asking.”

After host Sean Hannity stated, “I think you have been, of all the candidates, probably the most outspoken in criticizing Hillary. Do you think there might be some fear that they will be called sexists, if some men that are running, make a legitimate attack against Hillary? Oh, here it is, the war on women, and maybe they’re trying — playing it safe, trying to avoid that narrative that we know Democrats love to advance?” Fiorina responded, “Well, I sure hope not. Because if a candidate can’t take on the Democrat frontrunner, then that candidate can’t win an election. So, I don’t know what their problem is, but I agree with you. I have been the candidate most outspoken about Hillary Clinton, as well as the Democrat Party. You know, Sean, the Democrat Party, as it now looks, the policies they’re pushing forward are undermining the character of this nation. They’re undermining the foundation of this nation. They’re undermining the security of this nation. We have to take them on. So, I’m going to keep taking her on, as long as she’s their frontrunner, and I’m going to keep taking on their policies, which are undermining this nation.”

Fiorina was also asked if Clinton’s email scandal was “a conscious cover-up?” She answered, “Of course, of course, there’s no doubt. I mean, there are a couple of things that are not in doubt. And by the way, you are absolutely right, Sean, in your previous comments, we’re at a pivotal point in this nation, it’s why I’m running for the presidency. But there’s no doubt that she purposely put a server in her basement in order to shield her communications. There’s no doubt that there has been a cover-up. There’s no doubt that she has been exchanging classified information over her personal device. There is no doubt that there’s stuff in those thousands — tens of thousands of deleted emails that she didn’t want us to see. There is no doubt. She was the secretary of state.”

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