Todd: Hillary Aide Taking The Fifth Politically Looks Like Admitting Wrong Doing

Thursday on NBC’s “Today,” while discussing Bryan Pagliano, the former staffer who helped set up Hillary Clinton’s private email server plans to assert his Fifth Amendment rights before the Benghazi Congressional Committee, “Meet the Press” moderator Chuck Todd noted there was likely wrongdoing at play if such rights are exercised.

“In a court of public opinion when you plead the Fifth, as far as the political world is concerned, then you’re already admitting to some potential wrong doing, regardless of the legal part of this,” Todd said. “This is what makes this investigation so potentially damaging to Hillary Clinton. Not just now, but it’s also a reminder that — let’s take the campaign at their word that they encouraged Mr. Pagliano to testify, what is in the best interest of Hillary Clinton may not be in the best interest of Mr. Pagliano. Which is of course, as you know, what a lawyer may have told him. When it comes to handling classified information you can easily see this lawyer telling him, ‘hey, you set up the — you did this— you may get tagged as inadvertently mishandling classified information. And guess what, even inadvertently mishandling classified information could lead to legal problems down the road.”

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