Hewitt on Trump: I Didn’t Ask Gotcha Questions, ‘I Genuinely Hate Them’

Friday on CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper,” conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt denied that he asked Donald Trump “gotcha questions” in their radio interview Thursday.

Host Jake Tapper asked, “Mr. Trump told you immediately after you asked him specifically about General Suleimani and Hezbollah and Hamas, that he didn’t think the questions were fair. Why do you think they are fair?”

Hewitt said, “Gotcha questions, which I don’t think are fair, are tricks to attempt to embarrass people. I provided the name of General Suleimani, I talked about the other people. I didn’t ask him for names and didn’t ask for groups. I don’t think a gotcha question that doesn’t quiz you is a gotcha question. I think it’s a serious probing question as to do you think the Iran deal will mean for these terrorist groups when Iran gets $150 billion and General Suleimani is such a talented terrorist. That’s what he is, a very talented terrorist. So perhaps what I do is sometimes assume that the people I’ve been talking with, especially Republican candidates, are as well read as I make myself be.”

He continued, “But there’s no animus to Donald Trump or any of the people who come on the show. By the way, he’s not only the one who pushes bulk. John Kasich likes to push back, even though we’re fellow Buckeyes.”

“When we do the debate together, that’s only my objective, to answer questions fairly of the candidates that the primary voters want answered and not to do gotcha questions. I do genuinely hate them,” he added.

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