Carson: My Faith Comments Were ‘Primarily About Myself’

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stated his comments about faith were “primarily about myself” and “it was not my intention to impugn anybody’s religious beliefs” on Thursday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

Carson said it’s silly to debate who is more pious, and “it was not my intention to impugn anybody’s religious beliefs.”

Carson added, “Well, basically, I’m talking primarily about myself, and the fact that I am a very faith-based person, and I don’t, in any way, deny that the success that I’ve had is because of my faith, and my walk with the Lord. That probably differentiates me from a lot of people.” But that it wasn’t a “personal attack.”

After host Bill O’Reilly stated, “the question was about Trump. You know the implication, Doctor. You’re a brilliant man. The implication was, ‘Look, I’m a humble guy and I know the Lord is responsible for my success, where that barbarian Trump is a big braggart. I mean, that was the implication.” Carson responded, “That, certainly, I think is something that should be apparent to people. But, you know, I really don’t to the get into the mud pit. That’s not in my nature. And I know that the media frequently loves to stoke up these things.

Later in the interview, Carson argued “agents of division” are harming the US, and was asked if he thought Trump was one of these agents. Carson stated this was up to the voters to decide, but he wasn’t “going to go there.”

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