Carson: GOP Has GOP ‘Neglected’ African-American Communities

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Media Buzz,” Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said the Republican Party has in the past “neglected” African-American community but because of the recent chaos in race relation brought on by unrest in Ferguson, Baltimore and other cities the GOP ” has a very excellent opportunity,” to reach out and help “get business and industry and academia to invest in people.”

Carson said, “There’s no question that the GOP  has a very excellent opportunity by paying attention to some of the communities that they have neglected. And informing them about the history of the GOP —in fact, a party that was formed as a party that worked hard to get gun rights for freed men and pushing voting rights. Many luminary figures in the black community have been members of the Republican party. A party that should push for hard work and self-reliance and mechanisms for removing oneself from a state of dependency to becoming a part of the fabric of America.”

He continued, “I believe that black people like any other people in our country are listening. They are looking for solutions. and they’re not going to just blindly follow someone because they say ‘do I what tell you to do.’ I believe if we pay attention to them and we actually explain to them the mechanisms whereby we’re going to get business and industry and academia to invest in people, recognizing that for every person that we can keep from going down the wrong pathway, that’s one more productive member of society who may discover a new energy source or a cure for cancer.”

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