ESPN’s Michael Smith: Richard Sherman’s Black Lives Matter Remarks ‘Counter-Productive,’ ‘Dead Wrong’

During ESPN2’s “His and Hers” on Thursday, co-host Michael Smith reacted to Seattle Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman’s comments calling for black-on-black crime to stop “if black lives matter.”

Smith said Sherman “undermines the movement that is ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and that while he applauds and admires athletes that speak up on social and political issues, his comments are “counter-productive” and “dead wrong.” Smith also pointed out that Sherman “needs to a little more reading before he speaks out on this.”

“This was extremely counter-productive commentary. I applaud and admire athletes with the courage to speak up on social and political issues. even again even if we don’t agree. But everybody can’t bat 1.000. I respect the hell out of Richard Sherman and where he has come from and where he is now. He is a smart brother. I like him a lot but he is dead wrong on this and with all due respect I think he needs to do a little more reading before he speaks out on this and a little more thought and introspection and it’s so counter-productive because he undermines the movement that is ‘Black Lives Matter.'”

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