Trump: I Was 100 Percent Accurate on Jeb-Casino Exchange

Sunday on “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos asked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump about his exchange with his rival Jeb Bush about casino gambling in Florida Wednesday night at the Republican presidential debate.

Stephanopoulos said, “You said it was totally false that you tried to get casino gambling?”

Trump said, “No I never spoke to him is what I said — what I mean. I never called him and said, would you do it? In fact, the governor that was after him ultimately approved it. But I never spoke to Jeb. I never called up Jeb and said, ‘Jeb, would you do me a favor and approve?’ If I wanted it I would have done that.”

Stephanopoulos said, “So you’re saying, you are accepting that you were trying to get casino gambling there?”‘

Trump answered, “We’re looking at deals all over the world. I’m doing deals all over the world. Yeah, we were looking at the Florida, but ultimately, Charlie Crist, the next governor, approved casino gambling right after Jeb. I never called Jeb. The question was, did I call Jeb? It was very premature. It was very early. There were other steps they would have to take. It was premature. I would have called Jeb and I think he might have done it for me, because I did help him. But I never called him and therefore I think I was 100 percent accurate in my answer.”

See the video of the debate exchange below:

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