MSNBC’s Hall Scolds Schlapp For Bringing Up Hillary Taking Furniture From White House

MSNBC’s “NewsNation” host Tamron Hall scolded guest Republican strategist Matt Schlapp for bringing up Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton taking furniture from the White House on Monday.

After Hall asked Schlapp about a Washington Post story that Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina had unpaid balances to her staff from her 2010 senatorial campaign, which she paid of in January of this year, Schlapp stated, “She paid all these bills. It’s a done deal, and I don’t know why the Washington Post is bringing it back up. It’s all paid.”

Hall later accused Schlapp of shrugging off the story, during which she argued “no one believes” the Washington Post leans left, to which he stated, “No, I don’t shrug it off. I’m just letting you know that she left that campaign had — putting millions of her personal resources into it, so she didn’t fully get paid back either, andsShe paid everybody she owed a bill to, and so it’s resolved. So, your question should she have paid it sooner? Well, you should bring it up with her.”

Hall responded, “We would love to bring it up. But I’m asking as we discuss the credibility problem with one candidate, here is someone that doesn’t have a huge name ID –.”

Schlapp then cut in, “Look, Hillary Clinton stole furniture from the White House when she left the White House. You want to start talking about –.”

Hall said, “I’m sure that you will look back at what you just said and you’re going to think to yourself, why did you go there. … We were having a legitimate conversation about a news report that you could simply respond to but we’re going to have you back on.”

Schlapp responded that Hall should look the story up.

(h/t Newsbusters)

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