Jeb: I’m ‘Probably More Consistent,’ ‘Probably Less Bellicose’ Than Cruz, Rubio on Foreign Policy

Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush argued that he’s “probably more consistent” and “probably less bellicose” than fellow candidates Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio in an interview broadcast on Tuesday’s edition of Bloomberg TV’s “With All Due Respect.”

Jeb stated, in response to a question about the contrast between himself, Cruz, and Rubio, on foreign policy, “Well, I’m probably more consistent. I’m probably less bellicose.”

He added, “I mean, look, on Syria, both of them voted against the authorization of force when they — well, one didn’t vote, because it never got to the floor, and one in the Foreign Relations Committee voted against the president’s authorization of force. And now, Marco has got a different reason why he did it, but back then it was, he didn’t think that we had an interest there. I think we do. And Ted Cruz said something to the effect, of a great spin of the phrase as I recall, something that we shouldn’t be Assad’s Air Force. Well, there’s a broader issue at stake here, and it is the fact that there’s a group of people that have declared war on Western civilization, and on our country. And I think we need to be resolute as it relates to that. I’ve been consistent about it.”

Jeb also said, “I just think I could be a good commander-in-chief. I’m not saying that they’d be bad ones.”

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