Trump: Tough Gun Laws Ensure Only ‘Stupid People,’ ‘Losers’ Have Guns

Friday at a town hall at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC, while discussing last week’s Paris terror attacks, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said if France had something similar to the United States’ Second Amendment, there would have been a “much much different result.”

Trump said, “Paris and France have the toughest gun laws almost in the world. So out of all of those five-, six-, seven, eight-hundred people, there wasn’t one gun. The only ones that had the guns were the thugs, were the stupid people, were the losers. They were the only ones that had the guns.”

He continued, “You know what if I’m in that room and let’s say we have two or five or forty people with guns, we are going to do a lot better because there is going to be a shootout. There is going to be a shootout. These people were helpless.”

He added, “These people they were absolutely helpless. If they had had some guns in that room they would have been so much better off.  It would have been a much much different result. I say that because our second amendment is a very very important thing. It’s a very good thing. Remember that.”

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