Dem Rep Cuellar: ‘We Still Have a Problem’ With ‘So Many People’ Entering Through Border

Representative Henry Cuellar (D-TX) declared, “we still have a problem with so many people coming in” through the border on Tuesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Cuellar said, “we still have a problem with so many people coming in. Last year, we had 62,000 kids that came in. 40,000 of them unaccompanied, 6 — 22,000 of them with parents, this from Central America. We had about 87, 90 Syrians that came in, this last fiscal year in south Texas. and then also, Cubans. We had about 45,000 Cubans that came in through the southwest part of the border, about 27,000 of them through my hometown of Laredo.”

He also discussed the Syrian refugee crisis, stating that he’s not satisfied the US can properly vet refugees, and that while he’s not in favor of barring people from entry, those who are let in need to be properly vetted. Cuellar added the US needs to be “smarter” about letting people in, and pointed to the visa waiver program and visa overstays as things that should be looked at.

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