Wasserman Schultz: GOP Field’s Rhetoric ‘Nothing Short of Un-American’

DNC Chair Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) argued, “what is coming out of the Republican side of the presidential field is nothing short of un-American” on Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Wolf.”

Wasserman Schultz said, “our responsibility, as Americans, my responsibility as the leader of one of the two major national parties is to sound the alarm bell here. I mean, what is coming out of the Republican side of the presidential field is nothing short of un-American, for a variety of reasons. One is that just that Donald Trump is hurtling us towards a repeat of the McCarthy era. I mean, it — there’s — it can be called nothing less than that. God forbid this man would become president, and would actually implement the outrageous proposal that we would not allow Muslims to come into our country wholesale, but even ban Muslim-Americans from traveling back into the country is just the — it cries out for a unified condemnation, which has not come, in any shape or form, from the Republican side. And here’s what I mean, mealy-mouthed criticism that has come from some of the presidential candidates, and unfortunately, the Republican Party chairman, Mr. Priebus, is outrageous. what they need to do is unequivocally state, each one of their candidates for president, that they would not support this man if he were their nominee, and every one of them continues to have raised their right hand and stand by that pledge to support this man if he is their nominee. You know, the poem that came after World War II and the Holocaust that said — that talks about, I didn’t speak up, and then they came for me, applies here. Well, we’re speaking up, and we will continue to speak up.”

She added, “it’s not just Donald Trump that has said that Muslims are unacceptable for admission to this country. Jeb Bush suggested that we should only admit Christian refugees, not Muslim refugees. Chris Christie would have denied even 3-year-old orphans, if they were Muslim, for admission to this country. Marco Rubio, after the Paris attacks said it’s not only that we should be considering internment, he actually suggested that maybe we should close down cafes and diners Muslims gather, and in fact compared them to the Nazi Party. I mean, so, they are all in the same boat.”

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