Watch: CBS ‘Face the Nation’ Focus Group of Trump Supporters

Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” political consultant and pollster Frank Luntz ran a focus group of Trump supporters.

On Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the Untied States one woman said, “I think we’re all scared. I’m actually a little jumpy, I find Trump is the only one who would come out say something like this no one else would do it…You know what he says, he says something completely crazy and in inflammatory then he dials back starts explaining it”

A man said, “Trump is smart like a fox. He’s in campaign mode. He has to be pro-active. He’s intention family playing the medium he’s saying things that are right on the edge, he’s exaggerating. He’s saying thing that he knows the mainstream media will grab and throw gasoline on. And it goes really big.”

Another woman said, “We’re not believing everything he’s saying. We’re taking it for exactly what he just explained. he goes out and he makes a huge fuss to get everyone’s attention to get his issues addressed. You want him to say, yes, okay, here is what we’re going to do.”

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