RNC Chair: Brokered Convention ‘Highly Unlikely’

Wednesday on “CBS This Morning,” Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said a brokered convention to try and stop party front-runner Donald Trump from getting the nomination was “highly unlikely.’

When host Norah O’Donnell asked, “I see Donald Trump is still the front-runner, not only nationally but in many of the leading caucus and primary states. Are you now expecting a brokered or contested convention? ”

Priebus said, “Boy, this is a hot topic. You know, I highly doubt it. I think most likely we’ll have a presumptive nominee by mid-April, end of March, but probably mid-April. And it’s because the way the primary rules are set. it’s pretty difficult to get to a contested convention, but certainly if that happened, we’ll be prepared. But it’s highly unlikely,”

He added, “I mean the idea that I would call a meeting at a public restaurant in Washington, D.C., to discuss the idea of engineering a brokered convention, which you can’t really do, it either happens or it doesn’t, is ridiculous. And so this was a routine dinner that we do every month and I’m a part of it. And in 20 minutes in the two-hour meeting people were asking questions about primary rules, which would bore all of your viewers to tears if i got into some of it. But really it’s a bunch of nothing is what it is.”

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