Jeb: All the Other Candidates Are Intimidated But I’m Going to Attack Trump Every Day

Thursday night on CNN’s “AC360,” Republican presidential candidate and former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) said he is going to attack his opponent GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump every day because he said he is not intimidated by what he described to be a “bully.”

On Russian president Putin praising Trump, Bush said, “I don’t respect Vladimir Putin. He is the leader of an important country, certainly not a regional power as Barack Obama called him. But to get praise from Vladimir Putin is not going to help Donald Trump. He is not a serious candidate and he would bring chaos to the presidency. It’s entertaining but we are at war right now with Islamic terrorism and he has not offered one compelling, specific thing to do to keep us safe. It’s high volume, a lot of talk but nothing specific. He hasn’t taken the time to learn the issues. I think we need someone with a steady hand in the presidency. We’re never going to beat Hillary Clinton without something to back it up.”

He continued, “Donald Trump will begin to fall. He is not a serious candidate. Listen to his comments as it related to the nuclear triad. This is the pinnacle of our deterrent to be kept safe. He had no clue when Hugh Hewitt asked him that question. If he is going to be the president of the United States he needs to be a serious person not someone who believes it is an entertainment show.”

“He is not going to win the nomination. That’s the basic point. He’s not going to win the nomination. He is not a serious candidate and all the other candidates seem to be intimated by him. I’m not. He’s a bully. He’s not offered compelling alternatives to the path that we’re on and we desperately need to change direction as it relates to the national security.”

When asked about his new strategy to attack Trump every day Bush confirmed, “Yeah I am.”

He added, “He is not qualified to be commander-in-chief of the America’s greatest fighting force. He’s had a chance to bone up. God willing he will start doing it. But this is all about him and not about creating strategies to keep us safe. And the world has been turned asunder because of the lack of american leadership. We don’t need another version of that as the republican nominee.”

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