Evan Bayh: Trump Is ‘Really Unelectable in a General Election’

This week on “Fox News Sunday,” former Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s controversial statements will make him “unelectable in a general election.”

Bayh said, “Clearly he’s defying the normal laws of gravity. Any one of these would have brought a normal candidate down to earth with a resounding thud. I think a couple things are going on. First his core supporters love the fact he’s not politically correct. So in some ways these comments just endear him to them even more. Second the people who point all this out, and the fact that he’s made statements that are not verifiable, are the mainstream media and political class who are loathed by his supporters, so that just doesn’t hurt him. And you take all this together and it’s just not going to hurt him in the Republican primary.”

He continued, “It makes him really unelectable in a general election. Independent, swing voters, they are not going to go for this. And so this will be very damaging to the Republicans in the longer term.”

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