Rand: Hillary Does ‘Have a Women’s Problem,’ Bill ‘Seemed To Be a Great Abuser,’ But That’s Not Her Fault

Kentucky Senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul stated that while Bill Clinton’s “serial infidelities” aren’t Hillary Clinton’s fault, Bill “seemed to be a great abuser of women in the workplace” and Hillary “does have a women’s problem” on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Situation Room.”

Rand said, “I don’t think it’s Hillary’s fault that her husband was — had serial infidelities. I think do think though, that there is some question that has to do with the law. The law’s pretty specific on how you treat women in the workplace, and I think if you have an intern, and you have a much older man who is their superior, and they are having a liaison at the workplace, I think most people, in any corporation in America would be fired. So, I think what Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky, even though it was consensual, it would have caused him to be fired from any major corporation in the country. So I think that’s a legitimate discussion, but I don’t think it’s Hilary’s fault that she’s married to a man that does this but it is a question about what kind of laws we should have and how you should treat women in the workplace.”

Rand added that he didn’t see a political downside to attacking Bill Clinton in such a manner, but, “I don’t think it’s Hillary’s fault but I mean, Bill Clinton is who he is, and there are laws that we have and there are social norms, and I think we’ve actually improved the social norms where men are not allowed to prey on women at the workplace, and I do think that the way Bill Clinton treated Monica Lewinsky, that kind of behavior wouldn’t be tolerated anywhere in any corporation in America, and he kind of got a free pass from most of the media on it as it went through the first time.”

He continued, “this isn’t Hillary Clinton’s fault but the thing is is that if she’s for workplace equality, and if she’s for changing the laws to make it better for women, then she needs to — there’s going to be this distinction brought up, or this problem or irony brought up that her husband seemed to be a great abuser of women in the workplace. The other problem she’s going to have is, she’s taken donations from some countries that have some of the worst rights records with regard to women, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, they stone women to death in these countries. They whip women who have been raped for being raped. I mean, she’s got to explain why she takes money from these groups and why she hasn’t returned it. So yes, she does have a women’s problem, and I think it’s not apparent yet because she gets kind of a pass from some of the media but boy, she’s going to have some explaining to do if she’s the nominee, and if we have a nominee that will challenge her on these issues.”

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