Woodward: Hillary Wanted To ‘Subvert The Rules’ — ‘She Lives In A Bubble’

On this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” while discussing an email from Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state in which she instructed Jake Sullivan, her deputy chief of staff at the time to send her classified information by making sure there was “no identifying heading” and sending it through a non-secure channel, veteran journalist Bob Woodward said Clinton did “subvert the rules.”

Woodward said, “Here you have the secretary of state in 2011 saying let’s subvert the rules, which say you’ve got to send — presumably — it’s very clear from the earlier e-mails that this was a security issue, and I’ve written about non-papers or no papers, and this is the way people in the government take the heading off and create something that exists…By taking it off, it’s just a piece of paper that has a bunch of paragraphs. there’s no classification, there’s no subject, so it’s not in the system, so no one can discover it through Freedom of Information Act or some sort of subpoena. I mean, look, here is Hillary Clinton, somebody who worked on the staff of the Nixon impeachment committee, and what was the lesson? One of the lessons from that? Never write anything down. She did years of Whitewater investigations, where she was the target, and here many years later she’s saying oh, let’s subvert the rules and writing it out herself? Whether that’s some sort of clime, that is not the issue. The issue is she kind of feels immune. She lives in a bubble, and no one is ever going to find this out. Well, now we have.”

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