Van Jones: Democratic Base in ‘Full-on Rebellion’ Against Hillary

Wednesday on  CNN’s “New Day,” political commentator and former Obama administration green jobs czar Van Jones declared there to be a “full-on rebellion” within the Democratic Party base against it’s presidential front-runner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Jones said, “Something extraordinary is happening here; there is a full-on rebellion at the grassroots level of the Democratic Party., our biggest progressive organization, endorsed Bernie Sanders last night. Overwhelmingly, 67 percent. And then yesterday you saw something horrible where the Clintons wasted Chelsea Clinton on an attack that was completely groundless. I don’t think the Clinton campaign understands that part of the reason that Bernie is rising is there is a concern about this inauthenticity question. Well if your main problem with the base is that you are not authentic, don’t waste Chelsea Clinton on an inauthentic attack. There is no way Hillary Clinton can attack Bernie Sanders from the left on healthcare. There is no way you can convince the Americans Bernie Sanders doesn’t care about healthcare. Bernie Sanders is likely now to win both Iowa and New Hampshire because the base is getting frustrated with the Clinton campaign.”

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