Watch: NBC Shows Hillary Clips of Iowa Dems Saying They Don’t Trust Her, Thinks Rules Don’t Apply To Her

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd played clips of Iowa Democrats expressing their doubts about Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton before questioning the front runner.

Jay Helton, an O’Malley supporter, said, “You get the impression from her that she believes maybe the rules don’t apply to her, or the same rules don’t apply to her that apply to everybody else.”

Sally Wilson, a Clinton supporter, said “I hear people talking about questioning her honesty. And I don’t necessarily do that, but I think that’s one thing that people are kind of not sure, and they felt that way about Bill Clinton, too. So I think some of that rubs off.”

After the clips, Clinton said,“First of all, Chuck, I always thought this was going to be close. But I’ve worked as hard as I can to build an organization in Iowa to be out there listening and talking with Iowans.”

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