Nicolle Wallace: National Review Anti-Trump Issue ‘Disdain and Arrogance,’ ‘Desperate’ — ‘Stupid Move and a Stupid Piece’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former Bush aide and McCain campaign adviser Nicolle Wallace dismissed a National Review issue making a case against Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s candidacy.

Wallace called the effort too late and said it sends the wrong signal about Trump’s critics.

“Back to the National Review — I think the establishment, and particularly the conservative media, is in a real dangerous spot right now,” she said. “There was a moment to make the anti-Trump case. It was about six-and-a-half months ago.”

“It has passed,” she added. “And now it looks like disdain and arrogance when — the voters have now spoken. They’re about to vote. We’re 10 days out from voting. This move looks to me so desperate it really risks cleaving the conservative media apart in an almost irreparable manner from not just the base of our party, but the opportunity the party has to expand its numbers. I think it’s a stupid move and a stupid piece.”

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