Carson: ‘I Am Calling for People to Do What’s Right as Opposed to What’s Legal’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson addressed the controversy over the Cruz campaign saying that Carson was dropping out of the race the night of the Iowa caucus, which was misinformation. The Cruz campaign has apologized for and claims to have forwarded a CNN news alert.

Carson said he is not calling for a legal solution to the problem, but for people “to do what is right.”

Carson said, “Yes, there was a lot of misinformation that was disseminated during the time that the caucuses were going on. I believe that those had an effect. For instance, at one of them my wife went and she was not scheduled to speak, but one of the Cruz people had spoken and told the people that I was dropping out and that they should consider changing their vote, and my wife showed up, and they saw her and wanted her to speak and she disabused them of that notion. They were happy and did a standing ovation for her and we won that precinct. I don’t accept that those things don’t make a difference. I think what is really important—I don’t think you can redo the caucus and I am not calling for that. I am calling for people to do what is right as opposed to what is legal. There is a lot of talk about this is illegal. It doesn’t matter whether it is illegal. It matters if it is right.”

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