Andrea Mitchell: ‘Stunning’ Hillary Has Lost The Base And The Woman Vote

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” reporter and commentator for NBC News and host of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Report,” Andrea Mitchell said it was “stunning” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ” has lost the base,” and also that she’s lost women.

Mitchell said, “The party has moved. This is — it reminds me of 1972, actually. And she has lost the base. And she’s lost the women. And that is what is so stunning here in New Hampshire. And they are really — they can’t figure out how to combat that. So, to try to attract young women, who she lost by such extraordinary numbers in Iowa and in the polling so far. Here, she brings in women senators who by definition are part of the establishment and there’s no female Marco Rubio. You have to be an older woman to become a senator, because the deck is so stacked against you. That’s just the reality. So you’ve got women senators, you’ve got Madeline Albright, who, you know, to validate her foreign policy credentials and criticize his. But, these people — and the frustration of Madeline Albright and of Hillary Clinton, is why don’t these young women realize what we went through and how we haven’t won the battle yet and how all of this can be taken back. And why aren’t they reacting to 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling?”

She added, “There was a young woman just yesterday in Concord who came at Hillary Clinton saying I worked for you in 2008, but I’m troubled by Benghazi. I’m troubled by the server. She is getting blowback from the very people she needs.”

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