Trump: I Can’t Release Tax Forms From Years I’m Not Being Audited ‘Because Everything’s Interrelated’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that he can’t release tax forms from the years where he’s not being audited while he’s under an audit because “Everything’s interrelated” on Saturday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Trump was asked [relevant exchange begins around 8:30] if he would release his tax returns from the years he’s not being audited after fellow candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz asked why he wouldn’t.

He answered, “Because everything’s interrelated. Ted Cruz never employed one person. I employ thousands of people. over the years, I have employed tens of thousands. I have a massive company. You may have seen the pictures with me, where i’m standing with 3 feet of tax returns. Everything’s interrelated.”

Earlier, he stated that his financial records have been “totally disclosed” and you can’t learn much from a tax return, and “almost nothing about net worth” from a tax return.

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