MSNBC’s Reid: Atmosphere at Trump Rallies ‘Quite Dangerous in a Racial Way’

Saturday, MSNBC host Joy Reid brought up GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s support from white supremacists, saying there is an atmosphere at Trump’s rallies “that is dangerous in a racial way.”

“Even if he’s not actively speaking their support, you now have white supremacist groups attracted to the Trump campaign. You have them showing up at his rallies; in one case getting into a confrontation with young black woman. And you have this atmosphere at Trump rallies that actually is dangerous. And it’s quite dangerous in a racial way,” Reid stated.

MI GOP State Director of African-American Engagement Wayne Bradley argued that Trump is only attracting supremacists because of his immigration policies, not actually because he is one himself.

“[Trump] is egging people on from the day to go after protestors,” Reid replied. “He hasn’t exactly repudiated [white supremacists].”

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