Hillary: Trump ‘Political Arson’ Is Responsible for What Happens at His Events

Sunday at CNN’s Democratic presidential town hall, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is inciting violence at his rallies, “like a case of political arson” which she described as “He has lit the fire and then he throws his hands up, and claims that he should isn’t be held responsible.”

Clinton said, “I think that all Americans should be concerned. It is clear that Donald Trump is running a very cynical campaign pitting groups of Americans against one another. He is trafficking in hate and fear. He is playing to our worst instincts rather than our angels of the better nature. He actually incites violence in the way that he urges his audience on. You know, talking about punching people, and offering to pay legal bills. And then on the specifics, you know, we know that he has been incredibly bigoted towards so many groups. He talks about deporting 11, 12 million immigrants, and we are a nation built on immigrants. And he talks about preventing Muslims from coming into the country, and we believe in religious freedom — There is just so much of what he is doing that I think that we all have to are reject. Because, it is so at odds with our values. You don’t make America great by tearing down everything that made America great. And so let’s stand up and with one voice reject that.”

She added, “What I think is the truth Donald Trump is responsible for what happens at his events. He is the person who — who has for months now been not just inciting violence, but applauding violence. The images of the, you know, the young African-American protester being attacked totally without any provocation whatsoever, and having Donald Trump say that he would pay the legal bills of the attacker. And clearly people who engage in protests should follow civil disobedience principles, and be peaceful, and should be non-violent. But I do think that as I said the other day what Trump has done is like a case of political arson. You know, he has lit the fire and then he throws his hands up, and claims that he should isn’t be held responsible, and he should be held responsible.”

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