Brooks: Garland ‘Excellent Choice,’ ‘Model of Restraint,’ GOP Should Confirm Him

New York Times columnist David Brooks stated Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland is “an excellent choice” and is someone that should be confirmed by the Senate on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour.”

Brooks said of Garland, “I think it’s an excellent choice. I mean, he’s a guy with apparently an amazing temperament. He is the model of judicial restraint. He seems to be a man of both amazing integrity, and capacity to be emotionally moved. And so everything I hear about him is superlative. And, if I’m a Republican, frankly, running the Senate, I’m thinking, this is the best I’m going to get. And if Donald Trump is down 15 points in the summer or fall, I would confirm this guy, because Hillary Clinton, if she gets elected, who knows what the Senate will look like. It’ll be, from a Republican point of view, a lot worse. So I think Republicans should say, ‘OK, we’ll take this guy,’ because he’s — from their point of view, he’s a model of restraint.”

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