The Root’s Jason Johnson: Black Voters ‘Don’t Feel Like They Have a Choice’ in the Presidential Race

Saturday on MSNBC, The Root’s politics editor Dr. Jason Johnson reacted to former President Bill Clinton’s comments on Black Lives Matter, saying it did “tremendous harm” to his wife and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to Johnson, Bill Clinton’s comments will not keep black voters from voting for his wife because they “don’t feel they have a choice” in the presidential race.

“[Bill Clinton] did tremendous harm for Hillary Clinton, but he does this all of the time. He can’t stop talking. And he can’t stop fighting,” Johnson stated. “The only benefit that the Clintons have whenever Bill Clinton goes off script, whether in 2008 or now, is the fact that many African-American voters don’t feel that they have a choice. So no matter how ill and ridiculous Bill Clinton gets, black folk are probably still gonna vote for Hillary Clinton because Bernie Sanders hasn’t gotten enough…”

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