Couple Making Out at Bar Uninterrupted by Armed Robbery

A bar in Billings, MT was robbed at gunpoint, but that did not stop one couple there from enjoying their experience.

Early into Monday morning, three masked men entered the Tap Inn with guns. One of the robbers can be seen on the surveillance video cleaning out the cash register while the other two pointed their guns at bar patrons and the bartender.

One couple, lost in each other’s eyes, failed to notice the robbery as it took place right beside them, and continued on with their kissing.

It was not until after the robbers left that the couple looked up.

Billings Gazette reports the bar is unsure right now just how much the robbers made away with, but bar co-owner Chuck Rhodes does not believe the robbers are professionals.

“To me, they weren’t professional at all,” Rhodes told Billings Gazette. “They were just grabbing.”

(h/t NPR)

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