Manafort: My Comments About Trump Playing A ‘Part’ Were Taken Out Of Context

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Paul Manafort, the convention manager for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, said his comments last week at a Republican National Committee meeting that Trump is playing a “part” were taken out of context.

Manafort, said “I was talking about rallies versus some other setting,” adding, “the context I was talking about. We were evolving the campaign, not the candidate, and the settings were going to start changing.”

He added., “In the context of that room that’s what I said and that’s what was understood. When it was taken out of context the question that was asked to me wasn’t prefaced with my answer you get a distorted thing. Donald Trump said it yesterday on the campaign trail, he addressed the issue completely, ‘Look, I’m playing to — when I’m out here i want to talk to you and be — to show you who i am in this environment. When I’m going to give a policy speech, I’m going to be giving a policy speech.’ He said it straight up.”

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