Bill Clinton: There Are ‘a Lot of Problems’ With ObamaCare

Wednesday in San Diego campaigning for his wife Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton said America needed to “face the fact” that cost prescription drugs, co-pays and deductibles in the state-run individual markets as set up as part of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act are some of the many “problems” in the health care reform dubbed ObamaCare.

“She believes — Hillary thinks we have got to finish the work of health reform,” the former president said. “There are a lot of problem.  First of all we can not continue to be the only big country in the world that is a big drug  producer that refuses to bargain for lower prices for prescription drugs for seniors and others. Secondly we have to face the fact that in too many places, small business market and the individual market is just not working for people. The premiums or the co-pays and deductibles are simply too high to be sustainable and provide meaningful coverage. And she thinks there ought to be a public option for all those people.”

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