Hillary: Trump Doesn’t Get Running Our Gov’t Is Not the Same As Real Estate Deals

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said of the likely presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that “he just doesn’t understand that running our government is not the same as making real estate deals.”

Clinton said, “I think being a loose cannon means saying that other nations should go ahead and acquire nuclear weapons for themselves. When that is the last thing we need in the world today. Being a loose cannon is saying we should pull out of NATO. The strongest military alliance in the history of the world and something that we really need to modernize but not abandon. I think saying that he’s a loose cannon really focuses on some of the statements he’s made which I find concerning going back to torture, killing terrorist families which would be a war crime and those are just some of the concerns I hear people talking about which I think does fit the definition of a loose cannon.

She continued, “He has a slogan and needs to be really really pressed on that. when he says climate change is a Chinese hoax what’s that mean? Has he talked to a scientist or is it a slogan. When he says women should be punished for having abortions what’s that mean and how would he go about that or rounding up 11 million, 12 million people which would entail the most comprehensive police and military action inside our borders that is imaginable and you combine that with what he’s said about foreign policy and recently economic policy when he said he’d renegotiate the national debt. Maybe he just doesn’t understand that running our government is not the same as making real estate deals. That putting the full faith and credit of the United States of America at risk would be a horrible outcome and it was raise interest rates, it would wipe away savings, it wall cause a global financial meltdown. People need to be pressing him and I don’t think people get maybe in the media so far other than the response which then is not follow up on.”

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