James Carville: Hillary Negatives Are ‘Higher Than People Would Like’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Democratic strategist and long-time Clinton confidante James Carville admitted that Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has some image problems that must be addressed before the November general election.

Carville told “Morning Joe” Clinton’s high negatives must be addressed and he proposed using the convention as a platform to do so by telling Clinton’s story.

“First of all, I think there is a problem that her negatives are higher than people would like,” Carville said. “I acknowledge that. I think that you’ve got to have a good summer.  I think the convention, I think they have some things they can accomplish at the convention. I think there’s a lot of things out there that they can say and they can weave a better narrative. Look, they have been running against a guy, Bernie Sanders, you know, his promise $18 trillion and $33 trillion in new spending. He doesn’t get the same scrutiny, nor should he, because he’s not going to be the nominee. She’s got — I think her narrative has to really get better. She’s got to be more change. Her whole life has been about change. In some ways, she been sort of a pioneer in her career. They’ve got to tell that story. But, you’re right. They do have a problem. They do have a problem. They know they do and I expect them to be addressing that during the course of the campaign. But it’s not like Trump doesn’t have problems.”

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