Megyn Kelly: Trump’s Attack On Judge ‘Out Of Line’

Thursday night on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” host Megyn Kelly said presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was “out of line” for claiming a conflict of interest because of the Mexican heritage of U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the federal judge sitting on the Trump University case.

Kelly said, “You tell me, I’m a journalist here at Fox News and I’ve been doing legal commentary here for 10 years – this is out of line.”

Conservative commentator Bill Bennett agreed saying  “Yeah it’s out of line. It’s a shame too, because it was a good day, it was an important day for Trump with the Paul Ryan thing.”

Kelly added, “First of all people are saying this judge is a member of La Raza, the group that’s been protesting Donald Trump. He isn’t! He’s a member of a Hispanic lawyers association that has no partisan stripes whatsoever. They support Hispanic lawyers and judges. That’s it. Secondly, the man is not Mexican. His parents are Mexican, he’s of Mexican heritage. He was born in Indiana. Third, he has no conflict of interest. Now Donald Trump is saying the judge needs to be investigated, someone should look into him just because he’s ruled against Donald Trump in this litigation repeatedly.”

She concluded,  “That doesn’t make you biased, it doesn’t.”

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