CT Dem. Rep. Jim Himes: There’s a ‘Cult’ Spurred on by the NRA

Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) said Saturday on MSNBC that the National Rifle Association has “spurred on” a cult that is “dedicated to the idea” that considering background checks for guns is actually opening the door to President Barack Obama taking away guns.

“The problem really is that there has grown up in this country this cult, and it’s been spurred on by the NRA, and this cult believes — and by the way, far from a majority of Americans, it’s actually a small number of Americans, but this cult is dedicated to the idea that if you even consider any of these ideas, if you consider the idea of universal background check, if you consider the idea that if you’re on the no-fly list you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun that now you’re on this steady, slippery slope to the objective of President Obama, which is to take away your guns,” Himes explained.

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