Sharpton: Trump Is an ‘Unstable Man’ Who Is ‘Ill-Prepared to Even Discuss the Issues’

Monday on MSNBC, National Action Network founder Al Sharpton said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was an “unstable man” and “ill-prepared to even discuss the issues”

Sharpton, said, “I mean, this is unbelievable. I was saying to some students the other night, right after he said it, when I ran for president in 2004 and we had everyone from General Clark to John Kerry and all of that that I ran against, I was boning down to be a good candidate, less known a good president if I caught on fire and won. He is not even a good candidate because he seems ill-prepared to even discuss the issues and be verbal enough to debate the issues. I shudder to think what will happen in a debate if they deal with real facts when he faces Secretary Clinton. He can only come with bombast because I don’t think he knows anything else.”

He added, “I think they need to think about how he has lowered the bar so, in terms of what the Republican party has stood for, even though we may disagree with it — it has had standing. And I think the president said he never doubted John McCain or even Mitt Romney’s ability to govern and understand the issues. I think secondly, they run the risk of really damaging their lower candidates on lower parts of the ticket and how they repair that. But even more importantly, what they’re doing to the reputation of the country all over the world. I travel a lot. People all over the world are saying what is going on in my—I mean, imagine how we look globally. Imagine the markets and the global markets if we have this kind of unstable man sitting as president of the United States that doesn’t even know what’s going on in Asia and Africa and what’s going on in Russia and Ukraine and Crimea.”

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